Terms of Service

Infy Care

Payment Policy: Patients are responsible for paying any co-pays, deductibles, or any other charges not covered by insurance. Payment is expected at the time of service, unless prior arrangements have been made with the hospital's billing department.

  1. Patient Rights and Responsibilities: Patients have the right to receive respectful and considerate care, to be informed of their medical condition and treatment options, and to participate in decisions about their care. Patients are responsible for providing accurate and complete information about their health history and insurance coverage, and for following the treatment plan recommended by their healthcare provider.
  2. Medical Record Privacy: The hospital will keep patient medical records confidential and will only release them with the patient's written consent or as required by law.
  3. Cancellation Policy: Patients are required to provide at least 24 hours notice if they need to cancel or reschedule an appointment.
  4. No Show Policy: Patients who do not show up for scheduled appointments will be charged a fee.
  5. Complaint and Grievance Policy: Patients have the right to file a complaint or grievance about their care or treatment. The hospital will investigate and respond to all complaints in a timely manner.